Practice Areas 


  • Trademark Law

    Worldwide filing, protection and defense of your trademarks. Our focus is strategic advice, availability search, filing, watching, opposition, litigation and arbitration, customs procedures.

  • Data Protection

    Legal advice in all data protection related matters, including questions concerning cross-border data transfers and the drafting and reviewing of corporate data protection policies.

  • Copyright Law

    Advice regarding protection and exploitation of creative works (e.g. literature, photography, paintings, music, architecture) and defense  against copy and unauthorized use. Contracts with copyright aspects.

  • Design Law

    Filing, protection and defense against copying and unauthorized use of your designs, with focus on strategic advice, litigation and arbitration.

  • Corporate Name Law

    Advice for creation, selection, protection, surveillance and defense of corporate names.

  • Advertising Law

    Legal advice regarding the advertising of products and services in media of all kinds. Examination of advertising campaigns from a regulatory, intellectual property, personal rights and unfair competition law perspective. Know-how in regulated areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages. Counseling regarding contests. Drafting agreements for and with advertising agencies. Drafting SOPs and holding SOP positions for the industry. Representation before public authorities and courts. 

  • Unfair Competition Law

    Legal advice and representation in unfair competition matters of all kinds such as delimitation vis-à-vis third party trademarks, company names, products and advertising campaigns. Examination of advertisements, competitions, sales methods and general terms and conditions.

  • Contractual and Licensing Law

    Wild Schnyder advises with regard to all contractual questions, including development, creation, licensing, sale and assignment of Intellectual Property rights. We support our clients in questions of opening up new markets and customize related contracts such as distribution agreements, agency agreements, brockerage agreements, commission agreements and specific contracts in the field of the advertising industry, the pharmaceutical industry, e-commerce and sports industry.

  • Internet and E-Commerce Law

    Are infringing products sold over the Internet and would you like to stop it or do you want to sell your products over the internet? We offer the solutions, stop the infringement or create the legal conditions for sales over the internet, including for example the “general terms and conditions”.

  • Domain Names

    We evaluate, register and prosecute your domain names. We fight infringing domain names, either via UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) or by means of a civil law suit.

  • New Social Media

    Social Media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are becoming more and more important in the communication with the customers. We help you to legally implement your Social Media strategy. We advise our clients in regard to the registration and the related legal questions.

  • Pharmaceutical and Health Law

    Industry-specific legal advice regarding the market access, distribution and advertising, the cooperation with physicians, hospitals, universities and research institutes as well as the delimitation vis-à-vis medical devices, cosmetics and foodstuffs. Drafting contracts of all kinds. Representing our clients before public authorities and courts. 


    We also represent manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, cosmetics and functional foods.  

  • Food Law

    Advising clients regarding the marketability and labelling of foodstuffs and dietary supplements, regarding approvals for new types of foodstuffs and "health claims". Representing companies in disputes with cantonal and federal public authorities and with competitors.

  • Sports Law

    Legal questions regarding trademarks, marketing and merchandising, licensing, broadcasting and ticket terms and conditions for sports events, teams and athletes.

  • Litigation

    Wild Schnyder represents its clients before cantonal and federal bodies and courts as well as in online arbitration proceedings. Proceedings (preliminary injunctions) which serve to quickly stop the infringment, prevent damage and seize offending products, are a major focus of our court activities. We also coordinate and conduct international procedures worldwide for our clients.

  • Custom

    The Swiss Boarder Control ceases on request piracy products. This is a simple, but very effective tool against trademark infringements. Our longstanding experience will be supporting you to stop such violations.

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